Sansar – First Impression

Sansar - First Impression
Hello Lovelies, I hope you all are having an amazing day! As you can tell by the title, I shall be sharing my first impression of Sansar with you all. 

Sansar was opened to public on July 31st 2017, inviting people from all over the world to explore, create, share, and sell 3D social experiences with the other Sansar users. Sansar is free to use, with additional features and customer support available to creators through paid subscriptions, starting at $9.99/month. Users can create their own social Virtual Reality (VR) experiences by using their creativity and imagination with this new platform. This platform is still in the creator beta. Sansar’s main focus is on the Virtual Reality (VR) but it can also be viewed in the desktop mode, that is, with or without the VR headsets. One can create their Sansar account by clicking here.

Installing and Updating Sansar : Sansar can be installed only on computers having Windows OS. Click here to view the recommended system-requirments. Updating Sansar is easier, it doesn’t require uninstalling the exsisting version. The Sansar Updater automatically checks for and installs the newest version of Sansar.

Creating and Selling in Sansar : In Sansar one can create their own experiences by just dragging and dropping the objects from their inventory into the scene. The objects can be imported from the local computers into Sansar for further use or one can also purchase the objects created by the other Sansar users which are available at the Sansar store. The 3D models, audio files etc can be imported into Sansar, however, animations are not supported in Sansar as of yet. Creators can earn in Sansar by selling their creations in the Sansar Store.

Social : In Sansar, the users can interact more using the VR headsets. The lip-syncing, facial animations and the arm movements is seen when using the voice chat feature. In the desktop mode there are very few features as compared to the VR mode. The detailed controls for VR can be found here whereas, the controls for desktop/keyboard can be found here.

What does Instancing in Sansar mean : When too many people try to visit a popular experience at once, Sansar creates a new instance (copy) of the scene and sends new visitors to the new instance. This preserves performance by reducing overcrowding and limiting the number of complex avatars that must be shown on the screen at once. The scene is identical to the original instance, but you cannot see or interact with people who are not in the same instance as you.

More pictures of Sansar can be viewed here.

Feel free to add me in Sansar, my username is Esha. Hoping to see you all in Sansar! Have a great day ❤


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