Blog Policy

Hello everyone, Welcome to Esha Writes. Firstly I would like to thank you for visiting my blog and taking some time to read my blog policy. E5HA is my one and only account in Second Life, I do not have any alt. I do not ask for review copies, although I do accept them (credits are given as well). Mostly all the items that I shall blog are/will be purchased by me. All the items that I blog will contain my honest reviews. If you want me to blog your item the following are blog policies that have to be considered :

My Style : My style can be described best as a girl who loves trying different styles such as trendy, vibrant, casual, sporty, bohemianelegant, girly, sometimes kawaii, monotone, vintage.

I mainly blog female Clothing, Accessories and Home and Decor items. I do not Blog any male/kid items.

I am always ready to blog things that fit into my style, I’m also open to trying out different styles at the same time, so feel free to drop such items. I do not guarantee you that all the items that I receive/are sent to me shall get blogged. I shall not blog items I do not like or doesn’t suit my style.

Style Credits : If you consider me to blog your items, please note that full style credits shall be given every time I blog such items.

How to contact : If you wish to drop your items for me to blog, please send me a Notecard inworld (IM’s usually get capped) with all the details about the your item, store and as well as LM to the store and link to the marketplace. My inworld name is E5HA.

Other : In case if you consider me to blog your event or location, feel free to send me a Notecard with all the details about the location and as well as LM to the location. I love exploring sims and visiting events. Please note that I shall blog your event/location only after I do a little research on it by visiting/exploring.

Payment : I do not accept payment for blogging. Blogging is something I love doing.

I hope you like my blog, if you have any questions regarding my blog or my blog policy feel free to contact me by clicking here.

Thank you ❤