#SecondLifeChallenge – Unspoken Rules in Second Life

#SecondLifeChallenge – Unspoken Rules in Second Life

Hey guys! I hope you all are doing amazing. This week I found an amazing topic to blog on, Unspoken Rules in Second Life by Strawberry Singh. In this post I shall be stating some of the unspoken rules that I have learnt. These rules may or may not be used by the other residents, but I do think some of these are common unspoken rules.

  • Do not peep into other residents’ private space : Its not okay to zoom into other residents’ private space/house/land (and IM them about the activities they are currently doing lol). This has happened to me before and honestly it is annoying.
  • Avoid going AFK for too long when visiting events : During events the sim gets laggy and if the residents are afk for too long the other residents may not get a chance to visit the event. Therefore, this unspoken rule.
  • Reduce your complexity when visiting public events : This rule is kind of similar to the above rule. As the sim gets crowded during the events causing lag, If one is going to take their pets/weapons etc it is just going to add up to the existing lag.
  • Pick up your mess (public sim) : After opening the boxes/bags to get the items into the inventory make sure to pick up the empty boxes/bags. Most of us do not like those unpacked boxes back into our inventory, but those can be deleted. Therefore if one does not want those unpacked boxes just delete them instead of taking them back into the inventory.
  • Ask before Role Playing : Do not start Role Playing in the IMs without asking the person if they want to Role Play with you or if they are comfortable Role Playing.
    Not all residents Role Play in Second Life, therefore, It is super annoying when one get such an unexpected IM.

// Style Credits :

Top : Koba by Belle Epoque

Hair : Noel by Doe – Currently @Arcade

Accessory : Marjorie by SuperNatural

Skin : November GG by Pumec

Head : Catya Bento by Catwa Clip

Body : Maitreya Lara 4.1 by Onyx LeShelle

Happy Tuesday! Have a great week ahead ❤

LOTD #23 – Waiting for you

Waiting for you

// Style Credits :

Top : Kyoko Shirt by Caboodle

Bottom : Chandni Lingerie by Poppy – Currently @Frou Frou

Hair : Leah by Entwined

Socks : Lazy Slides by REIGN

Head : Ariana by Genesis Lab – Currently @Arcade

Skin : Jane by Genesis Lab

Shape : Genesis Lab Ariana shape by Esha.

Pose : Be Silent by LW poses – Currently @Tres Chic

Location : Brand new colony, Sol

Happy Friday! ❤

Ariana Bento Mesh Head – Genesis Lab

Ariana Bento Mesh Head - Genesis Lab

(Style Credits below)

Hello beautiful people of the world! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. Today I visited the Arcade Gacha event. Honestly, I am not a Gacha addict nor do I know why did I visit the event today, but I ended up winning a beautiful mesh head created by Genesis Lab, Ariana.

Ariana is a Bento mesh head, and, is a part of Sweet Sensation Gacha by Genesis Lab currently available at the Arcade Gacha Event. In order to win Gacha items you have to keep playing until you receive the desired item. The Gacha items are No Copy, No Modify and Transferable items. The Sweet Sensation Gacha is 100L$ per pull.

10 Things to know about the Ariana Bento Mesh Head 3.2 :

  1. This head comes with the basic animations, teeth, rigged eyes and ears, alpha layers, lacrimal caruncle, shape and brow base. However, it does not come with a skin.
  2. Genesis Lab Bento Mesh Heads that are Gacha are not Omega compatible.
  3.  This Mesh Head comes with a Main HUD, Typer HUD, and the Basic Animation HUD. Neck fix is included as well.
  4. The Main HUD consist of three tabs namely Genetics tab, Makeup tab and the Settings tab.
  5. The Genetics tab can be used to change the eye color, eyelashes, the skin color of your ears, different types of teeth and tongue options, beauty marks and freckles, hair bases etc.
  6. The Makeup tab can be used to customize your look even more using the different eye shadows, eyeliners, blush and contour, and lipsticks, that it comes with.
  7. The Settings tab can be used to adjust your neck size, different options of teeth such as teeth with braces, vampire teeth etc and tongue with piercing. It also comes with the option to choose from various gem colors for the braces and tongue piercing.
  8. The Animation HUD comes with 12 basic animation, 9 static facial poses and 9 eyes rotation. The blinking speed and the talking speed can be controlled using the animation HUD.
  9. The Typer HUD is used when one wants to activate the talking animation inworld while they type or speak.
  10. Neck Fix can be used if you find the seams between your head skin and your body skin.

I am absolutely in love with Ariana Bento Mesh Head, she is so beautiful. I have slightly changed the default shape that the head comes with, to my liking. The skin that I am wearing in the above picture is a Genesis Lab skin, Jane. This skin is available at the Genesis Lab Mainstore.

// Style Credits :

Top : Blush Top by Pixicat – Currently @Collabor88

Skirt : Black GG by Caboodle

Hair : Deja by Truth

Head : Ariana by Genesis Lab – Currently @Arcade

Skin : Jane by Genesis Lab

Shape : Genesis Lab Ariana shape by Esha.

Choker : Neck Wrap Tie by paper arrow

Pose by Imitation

Hope you find this review helpful. Have a great weekend! ❤